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Siza light house

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Technical description:
Galvanized sheet metal cropped by lazer with CNC and bent.
Surface finish with termo-lacquer painting.
Overall dimensions:
Width - 332mm
Height - 332mm
Depth - 120mm
Coated electrical cable, socket and switch
(Switch passage in cable)
Estimated delivery:
3 to 5 days

The Siza The Light House is a lamp designed to fit in the box of some shelves.
But due to its versatility, allow multiple placement possibilities and application, including other contexts.
It is a simple way to brighten your bookshelf without losing storage area, allowing moreover create zones highlighted.
You can choose to have the switch on the cap or the connecting cable, as you use it makes more sense.

P. S.
Compatible with the Expedit® bookcases and shelves Lack® of IKEA® brand.
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