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OX³ (cube)

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Technical description:
Galvanized sheet metal cropped by lazer with CNC and bent
Surface finish with termo-lacquer painting
Overall dimensions:
Width - 332mm
Height - 332mm
Depth - 332mm
Estimated delivery:
3 to 5 days

The cubes are colored hollow volumes, built to fit and slide the box in some shelving.
But due to its versatility, allow multiple placement possibilities and application, including other contexts.
Their different colors, faces and cuts were designed to allow diverse areas of visibility. Creating from prominent areas until completely closed areas.
The OX³ cube with its circular front face cut and cut crosswise on the rear face, presents itself as the ideal compromise of versatility. On the one hand creates a prime showcase highlighted with circular cutout. It also creates a showcase of semi-revelation with the cutout in X, allowing you to see what goes on inside, but allowing no mess.

P. S.
Compatible with the Expedit® bookcases and Lack® shelves of IKEA® brand.
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