Make a Twist

Canceling ordes and product return

To cancel your order, you should first check the status of your Pending Order in purchases.

If the status of your order is on hold, you can cancel it.
To do so, you must click the order number to cancel.
By doing that, you will enter into your order and will have to click the Cancel Order button.

If the status of your order is on Processing, it will not be possible to cancel the order.
You have to send us an e-mail by the Contacts page, alerting us to this subject.

The cancellation will only be effective upon receipt of a e-mail confirmation.
We shall make every effort to shorten this period.

Warranty and After Sales Service

The items sold by have warranty and after-sales service from the date of delivery of the goods.

Product warranties sold by not cover product wear and tear or misuse.

The use of an item for purposes other than those that are described in the instruction manual, may lead to the total cancellation of the warranty.

Returned items

You can exchange/return an items is 14 days from the day of receipt, under the following conditions:

1- For the exchange/return is possible, the item should be in perfect condition (including its original packaging);

2- The item returned shall contain all the items originally included in the order ( Instructions/manuals, accessories, etc.);

3- If your order is delivered with damage caused by transport to the destination address , they must be detected and reported by the Client damaged or with defects caused by transport to the destination address; these should be detected and reported in writing by the Client to the shipping carrier.
Otherwise the exchange/return becomes impossible because the carrier`s liability ends when the order is delivered to the Client.
(We asked if the packaging is damaged, something might have happened during transport and you should immediately verify the package`s contents);

4- If the delivered item is not the item you ordered;

5-  Shall only be considered as accepted exchanges/returns that are reported within the established time frame (14 days).

If these conditions are met, refund the amount paid by the Customer within 30 days after receipt of the returned order.
We will make very effort to shorten this period.

The return shipping costs will be borne by only in Continental Portugal.


If the exchange/return conditions are not fully met, we will not be able to exchange/return an item.
Therefore, will have to charge the Client for the item collection costs.

The Client may request the return of an order if it does not qualify for exchange/return but will have, however, to liquidate the corresponding cost for the new shipment.
If you want to resend your order, you must inform the destination address (We ask that please remember to always state the order number in question).
We will send you an e-mail with all the necessary information to liquidate the cost of collecting and return of the item that was not accepted for return/refund.

The information necessary for settling the cost of collection are:
The total amount to be paid and details of the available forms of payment (Bank Transfer/IBAN, ATM References and Easypay® information). will resend the order by shipping carrier and no other (postage, etc.) without the customer is informed of such pretension.

In the case of twist projects®, produced to order items are not eligible for exchange/refund .