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                                            Make a twist® is a brand created, developed and registered by the Formtools team.
                                            For the past few years, has been working individually or collectively, directly or indirectly
                                            with some of the most interesting and important Portuguese agencies and brands.
                                            Among the first: BAR, Born, Brandia, Desafio global, Ivity, Label, McCCann,
                                            RMAC, Santa Fé, Strat, etc...
                                            Among the latter: EDP, Galp, Microsoft, Optimus, Sagres, Sonae, TAP, the Vodafone, ZON, etc...
                                            (all rights© of the projects presented belong to Formtools® and the brands/agencies to
                                            which then where executed)                                                                  

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                                           Atelier Formtools 02

If we had to select five projects that marked the route of Formtools® in recent years, with all that this decision have in difficult and thankless,
this would be a possible selection:

- Designing the Candelmaker* 
and all its accessories (*machine that makes candles from wasted oils).
By the unique character of innovation and sustainability that involved the entire project and process, which culminated in a Red Hot and IF award
for formtools and OON (the creator of the concept).
OON Candlemaker - an introduction video
OON Candlemaker - an interview video 

Designing the Sagres troph league cup 
(the national first division football championship), with McCCann agency.
By defiant character, excellence, exclusivity and difficulty in producing the required unique piece.
 2009/2010 Portuguese football Championship -  delivery of the trophy video  

Designing the packaging for Popota kit,
 with the Born agency.
By the nature, opposite to the previous, but no less defiant in simplicity, scope and difficulty of production. That requires a piece produced on this scale
and with a mandatory minimum cost.

Designing the TAP- Portuguese air company stand for BTL exhibition,
with McCCann agency.
By the unusually clean/sober character that was acheved, even in a typically difficult environment such as the trade fair ones (merit shared with my friend Bezerra).
This project also won the prize for best stand BTL that year.

Designing the interior of the agency office BAR,
on Páteo Bagatela in Lisbon.
By the way we turned the difficulty in virtue. How is was managed to combine four views (3 different views from the client partners plus our) apparently divergent (sometimes almost antagonistic) in a result that seems impossible today to have been otherwise.
And being at the same time, the truly expression of their owners.
We thank BAR (Bontempo, Anaori and Ralha), for being a unique cocktail.
 Interior of agency office BAR - internal event video

twist studio

                                            Twist project® is a component of the brand make a twist®, whose purpose to develop ideas and projects according
                                            to twist principles specifically to the context of a particular customer.
                                            Be it a company, a brand, a family or an individual.
                                            Be it a design problem of signage, packaging, product, equipment or interior.

                                            Or is it just a problem of project ....
                                             Want To make a change?  Ask a twist.

                                            twist work in progress