Make a Twist

Make a twist is already ON
30 . Jan . 2014

It´s official, make a twist® is ON___line.
The new concept that will change the way you look at objects,
and manages your resources, is now available and accessible to a distance of a simple click.
Discover the design that makes the twist to your furniture.
P. S. - Compatible with IKEA® furniture.
Believe us, it will make the difference.

From now on, it will be easier to change your home.
Our twist objects®, will help you transform and customize your objects, in an easy and accessible way.
Check it, see it with your eyes.
They make the difference.

P. S. Compatible with your IKEA® furniture

Change your furniture...
Change your house...
Change the way you live...

To make a change,
dont need to switch.
Want to make a change,
make a twist.

Add the element
that transforms, personalize
and adapt your furniture
to your needs.

Make a twist
to your objects
(Re)love them.
Make them unique.
Make them yours.
it will make the difference